Garage Door Maintenance Services

Enhanced Garage Door Repair helps its customers keep their garage door functional for years. Our clients enjoy the convenience of their opener and hardly face any troubles with the operation of their garage doors. And how do we do this? With our annual maintenance service.

Routine checks and service appointments ensure that your garage door remains functional and there isn’t an awkward situation where you’re stuck with the door. We are available to help with the tougher problems where your door completely stops to open and close but with our maintenance services, chances of you landing in a troublesome situation like this lessens.

  • Lubricate The Moving Parts
  • Replace The Weather-stripping
  • Test The Door Balance
  • Clean And Paint The Door
  • Clear The Tracks
  • and Much More

You can trust us with your garage door

What does our maintenance service include?

You might not believe that problems can be avoided with maintenance but they actually can. Here’s why. When our technicians visit for a maintenance check, they inspect the garage door for any problems. Through the process of checking, we see if there are any faulty components or any parts that need to be adjusted or replaced. In case a part is damaged due to wear and tear or its lifespan has almost completed its cycle, we inform the client about the same. We provide suggestions and solutions so that parts can be replaced before the entire door is jammed and you need more expensive repairing solutions.

A door operated regularly needs good care. We are experts in evaluating your garage door and providing adjustment of springs and cables. We fix the force of the door at the opener unit and check all sensors and remote controls. Our maintenance checks include every single part along with their fixing and tightening. We also lubricate the rollers and cables, if needed, and ensure that the door delivers excellent performance.

Our engineers are devoted to providing excellent service results. We fix and service all kinds of systems, even the most advanced and meticulous ones. We provide garage door troubleshooting in case any problems need specific handling and make sure that your door continues to operate safely.

For more information about or maintenance services and annual maintenance plans give us a call at (321) 517-2953.

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